logical fallacies fallacy

Black & White Fallacy

You presented two alternative states as the only possibilities, when in fact more possibilities exist.

Also known as Bifurcation, Black-and-White Fallacy, Bogus Dilemma, Either/Or Fallacy, False Dichotomy, False Dilemma.

This insidious tactic has the appearance of forming a logical argument, but under closer scrutiny it becomes evident that there are more possibilities than the either/or choice that is presented. Binary, black-or-white thinking doesn’t allow for the many different variables, conditions, and contexts in which there would exist more than just the two possibilities put forth. It frames the argument misleadingly and obscures rational, honest debate.

Example: Whilst rallying support for his plan to fundamentally undermine citizens’ rights, the Supreme Leader told the people they were either on his side, or they were on the side of the enemy.